Inspired by M. Night Shyamalan's The Sixth Sense and Bryan Fuller's Pushing Daisies.

Ghost Stories centers on the life of Jasper Obahdiah Monroe, a comic shop owner who, after a childhood accident, was gifted with the mysterious ability to see the ghosts of dead people as plain as day.

Main Cast Edit

Actor(s) Role(s)
Zachary Quinto Jasper Monroe
Kristen Bell Wendy McCrimmon
Neil Patrick Harris Adam Godspodar
David Burtka Dr. Hugo Thascalos, Ph.D.
Greg Grunberg PI Rory Turlough
Timothy Dalton The Narrator
Sam Cohen Young Jasper

The Five Rules of GhostsEdit

  1. If someone is murdered, they must remain as ghosts as a way to live out the life they lost.
  2. If the killer is brought to justice, then the ghost of their victim can go through the Gate; a mysterious one-way-trip to what appears to be Heaven through a white crack in the universe (similair to the ones from Doctor Who).
  3. If the killers are themselves killed before any legal action is taken, then the ghost of their victims are forced to remain just that; a ghost.
  4. When the killers die, the killers are dragged into what appears to be Hell through a red crack in the universe. It also appears that ghosts who were bad people in life go through the Hell crack when they have justuce.
  5. Suicides, Death by Accident (not the same as accidently murders) or Death by Natural Causes do not cause the unfortunates to become ghosts; they end up in either Heaven or Hell depending on their level of sins.