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George is based on an Aveling and Porter steamroller owned by the Reverend Teddy Boston, who also owns the traction engine on which Trevor is believed to be based. George is painted in an all-over green livery with yellow boiler bands and his name painted on his boiler.


George is unfriendly to all engines, even those who try to be pleasant towards him. He generally utters variations of the phrase "Railways are no good. Pull them up. Turn them into roads". His unpleasant attitude frequently creates chaos. However, when he actully had the chance to destroy the steam engines, by destroying all the buffers on Sodor, he gave it up out of fear of getting a person seriously hurt. He then showed a heroic side by derailing 'Arry and Bert, saving the Workmen from Diasy and helping to destroy the Sodor Wooden Bridge that would lead to the defeat/deaths of Zero the First Diesel and P. T. Boomer. It is said that George returned to his old ways after this, but most likely out of his own nature than personel feelings.











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